As an experienced painter, I have long used pigments and brushes to bring my vision of the world to life. This experience guides my new photographic project, Naissance. Though I now use a camera to explore beauty, my process still involves the artistic materials with which I am so familiar—specifically inks and pigments. But instead of applying them to paper, I float the inks in water and photograph the ever-changing patterns. 

For me, this process is more akin to the way nature itself works, with a seemingly random quality. Yet by selecting the moment at which the colored patterns are most suggestive—whether of natural forms or human constructs—I am able to find meaning and convey it in the resulting image. Sometimes these suggestions are quite literal, other times more symbolic. The patterns often evoke flowers or human figures, even the shape of a baby in the womb. Highly organic, they seem to refer to the process of creation itself. 

The circular form of the images in Naissance is a deliberate reference both to the womb and to life’s circular, rhythmic nature. Even water itself, the basic medium for my images, has a natural tendency to form a circle—from the smallest droplet to the largest wave. In capturing these organic patterns my photographs evoke a feeling of harmony, and in doing so amplify the cycle of life itself.



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